Orbee-Tuff Orbo & SPORT Plush Football from Shaggy Little Pooch

Pet Product Review: Orbee-Tuff Orbo & SPORT Plush Football from Shaggy Little Pooch



Is there a dog out there that does not love a squeaky toy? I have yet to meet one. My dogs ears perk up and he gets all excited every time time he hears the squeak. The SPORT Plush Football from Shaggy Little Pooch is no exception, my dog loves it! He will just walk around with it in his mouth squeaking it, happy as can be. Happy dog = happy owner!

Dsc00296_thumbShaggy Little Pooch also sent another toy, the Orbee-Tuff Orbo. A very durable chew toy designed for the more powerful chewers. It has a hole in the center designed for hiding treats, dog spreads or kibble in. It very much reminds me of a Kong dog toy. I have to give this toy a 5 paw rating! This is not only because of the durability, but because this is my dogs new favorite toy. Pile up all his toys, he will stick his nose in the pile and walk away with this toy 9 out of 10 times. He goes nuts when he sees it and I haven’t even put a treat in the center yet!

The SPORT Plush Football is available for $9 and the Orbee-Tuff Orbo is available for $11, medium sized or $14 for a large size, comes in 3 different colors and can be ordered online at Shaggy Little Pooch.

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