10 Holiday Gifts For Dogs Who Love Sports

With Christmas, Hanukkah, and the rest of the December holidays on the way, you may be wondering what gift you should get for a special dog in your life. Well if that dog is a fan of sports–or if their owner is a sports fanatic–you’re in luck because this list of some of the best sports-themed dog gifts will score you some big points. Here are some of our favorite holiday gifts for dogs who love sports.

1. Wrestling Toys For A WWE Dog


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Let your dog feel like the heavyweight champion of the world with this WWE Championship belt tug toy and wrestler chew toy. The chew toy comes in models that look like The Rock, Steve Austin, and John Cena, so you can pick your pup’s opponent, then play tug-of-war to find out who gets to take the belt. You can buy the WWE Championship belt tug toy on Amazon here and buy the WWE rubber superstar dog toy on Amazon here.

2. NCAA Stadium Dog Bed For A Football Pooch

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Bark for your Alma Mater with a NCAA football stadium bed for your pup. It’s designed to look like the stadium from a major college football team of your choice, and there are plenty to choose from, including the Wisconsin Badgers, the Illinois Illini, the Oklahoma Sooners, and many more. No matter how your team plays, your pup will be able to relax from end zone to end zone after the big game. You can buy the NCAA stadium dog bed on Amazon here.

3. NBA Dog Bowls For A Basketball Pup

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Make sure all your house guests know who your dog is rooting for during basketball season with a custom NBA team bowl. Every time your dog takes a sip during the game, it’ll bring luck to your team maybe. The bowls come in large and small sizes, and you’ll have to do a quick search if you want to find the team of your choice, but you can find the Los Angeles Clippers bowl on Amazon here and the Miami Heat bowl on Amazon here.

4. Soccer Jersey For A FIFA Puppy

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Whether you call it soccer or football, you’ve gotta raise your puppy to cheer on the right team. This jersey is perfect for pups and small dogs who want to get on the field and chase down the ball from goal to goal. It also comes with a car seat belt for when you’re on your way to watch the game with a friend. You may have to look around for your favorite team, but you can find the USA team dog jersey on Amazon here.

5. Puppy Puck For A Hockey Hound

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You don’t need to slip and slide on the ice to have a hockey game with your pup. A puppy puck with felt sides can slide across the floor just fine so you can have fun while you watch your favorite NHL team play. It’s solid rubber and the same size as a real NHL puck so your dog can feel like Wayne Gretzky chasing it down. You can buy the puppy puck on Amazon here.

6. MLB Ball And Bat Toys For A Baseball Dog

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If your pup prefers to pitch or if he likes to swing for the fences, you’ll have a baseball blast with a rope squeak toy baseball or a squeak toy bat featuring your favorite MLB team. These toys will have your dog playing ball even in the off season. You’ll have to do a search for the team of your choice, but you can find the Chicago Cubs baseball rope squeak toy on Amazon here or the Arizona Diamondbacks bat squeak toy on Amazon here.

7. Putter Costume For A Golf Pup

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Who says a dog can’t join the country club? Well no one will be able to tell your pup isn’t a normal human golfer with this putter pup costume. It comes with an adorable cap and a golf ball squeak toy that your pup can chase to a hole-in-one. So hit the links and bring your dog along or just play the back nine in the backyard. You can buy the Casual Canine Putter Pup costume on Amazon here.

8. Swimming Pool For A Diving Dog

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If your dog just can’t get enough swimming during the Olympics, start training for the gold with a new swimming pool. Your pup could be the next Michael Phelps, and if Air Bud taught us anything, it’s that there’s nothing in the rule book that says a dog can’t compete. By the next Olympics, your dog is sure to win. You can buy the FurryFriends foldable swimming pool on Amazon here.

9. Hurdle For A Track And Field Pooch

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Your dog could probably jump hurdles better than any human Olympian, and now you can prove it. With a nice foam hurdle your pup can practice without getting hurt. It’s a great way to get some exercise and practice some agility moves. You can set this hurdle up indoors or outdoors for year round training. You can buy the agility hurdle on Amazon here.

10. Paw Pad For A Boarding Dog

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If your pup would love to join you for some paddle boarding, make sure his paws don’t slip and slide with a paw pad. It’ll help your dog keep his grip while you’re out on the water. The pad sticks on the front of your board and allows your dog to sit or stand comfortably so you can have adventures together. You can buy the Airhead Paw Pad on Amazon here.

What are you getting for your sports-loving dog this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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