Pure Wild Pacific Salmon Treats by Petkind

Pet Product Review – Pure Wild Pacific Salmon Treats by Petkind

Petkind Wild Pacific Salmon Treats
The panel is always ready, willing and able to test treats for the Secret Shopper and I never tire of timing how long they can “sit” before lunging for the tempting tidbits. As soon as I opened the package of Salmon Treats, the irresistible aroma of fresh fish captured the dog’s attention and “sit” suddenly disappeared from their repertoire of tricks. The fragrance even roused the cats from their afternoon naps!
PetKind’s Salmon Treats contain no added coloring, no artificial flavors, just pure salmon fillets caught in the freshwaters of the Pacific Northwest. Torn into small pieces, Salmon Treats would also make great training lures! Our dogs love ’em!
PetKind Salmon treats sell for $8.99 and can be purchased online at NaturalK9Supplies.com.

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