Salmon Paws Dog Treats

Salmon Paws Dog Treats


Salmon Paws

Salmon Paws Treats

Another AWESOME treat that my dog goes bonkers for. He literallyruns in circles around me if I have a piece ofthis treat in my hands. Salmon Paws, 100% pure AlaskanWild Salmonis a jerkytreat for dogs (and cats too). It comes as a rather large piece of salmon that is easy tobreak down into smaller pieces to use for treats, training or it’s health benefits.

I use for all three of these uses, but I use it for training and fortreats because of its healthbenefits. Salmon is rich in natural Omega-3 and Omega-6oils, helping to keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny, bones, teeth and nails strong. It also helps to lubricate joints whichaids inpreventing arthritis and acts as a natural anti-inflammatoryfor those pets that already have arthritis. Salmon is also known to help promote optimal brain function to keep your dog sharp as he ages.

Sockeye Salmon Treats

Salmon Paws uses human grade, center cut Sockeye Salmonthat is free of bones and very lean. They make treats that are 100% salmon or you can get them with added ingredients such ascarrots or broccoli. You canpurchase the treats at a variety ofpetstores ororder them off ofthe Salmon Paws website, they start at $12.50 for a 4 oz. bag. Please note that 10% of all orders purchased from their website will be donated to a no kill shelter (Lange Foundation)that runs off of donations.

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