The Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum

Pet Product Review – The Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum

Shakespeare & Dyson Animal Vacuum

With 2 dogs and 3 cats in residence, it takes a lot of work to keep things looking nice around here. I’ve watched Mr. Dyson’s commercials over the years and often wondered if he was really on to something with his “no loss of suction” technology or, was it just a bunch of malarkey. Thanks to the kind folks at Dyson, who sent me one of their new Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuums, I had the opportunity to put it to the test and see for myself.

Dyson Animal turbine head brush bar
The vacuum was easy to assemble and has a very mod/high-tech look. There were 4 of us anxiously standing by when I first plugged the canister vacuum in and gave it a whirl. I vacuumed a small area of carpet that my husband had vacuumed only two days earlier with his industrial backpack vacuum (which he swears by and the rest of us hate). Our mouths literally hung open as we watched the canister fill-up. There were exclamations of, “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it!” and “Look at all that dirt and hair, that’s disgusting!” I love the vacuum’s performance, the retractable cord, the extending telescopic wand and the fact that it’s lightweight. We were all WOWED!
Fine dirt & fur picked up by the Dyson Animal Vacuum
Here’s what my husband had to say, “I’ve owned two commercial cleaning businesses and had not found any vacuum that could even touch the suction power of my commercial back-pack vac but, after using the Dyson Animal Vacuum on several rooms, I’ve got to say it is the best vacuum I’ve ever used. Ever. I was amazed at how much fine dirt and fur the Dyson Animal took out of the carpet, even after I had gone over the same space with my beloved back-pack. It also has an excellent stair attachment that really works well, but the main thing about this vacuum is its superior suction. At a price of only $499, the Animal is very much worth it – as the commercial vacuums I have insisted on using at home all fall at least within that range, or more.”
5 Paw Rating The Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum earns a stellar 5 paw+++ rating and the Panel’s recommendation for every pet owner, allergy sufferer, parent and anyone who wants to know their carpet is truly clean after vacuuming. Finally, a product that lives up to its hype!

The Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum sells for $499.99 and can be purchased on the Dyson website.

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