Greenie’s Dental Chews Product Review

(Photo Credit: Greenies)

(Photo Credit: Greenies)

Pet Products Review: Greenies Dental Chews

October is Pet Wellness Month and one of the most important parts of your dog’s wellness is proper dental care. It will help your dog live a longer and happier life… LITERALLY! Dental care can extend the life of your pet, and my vet and just about every other vet I know recommends Greenies Dental Chews between cleanings.

Most dogs will gobble them up in my experience. As your dog chews them up you’ll notice their mouth kind of foaming with what I can only imagine is the doggie version of some kind of toothpaste. I have 4 dogs and none of them will let me actually brush their teeth without a LOT of effort and these Greenies basically take the place of a brushing. You give your pup a Greenie each day to clean their teeth and I’m all about treats that actually have health benefits for my pups.


Molly demonstrates the proper way to eat a Greenies dental chew

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There are other brands that sell similar products at a lower cost and if you want to try them I say go for it. The important thing is that you are taking an interest in your dog’s dental health and that’s more important than a brand name but Greenies are a trusted brand and you can buy them in bulk on Amazon cheaper than you’ll find in most stores.

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