THUNDERSHIRT The Best Solution For Noise Anxiety

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Pet Product Review – THUNDERSHIRT for dogs is the Best Solution for Noise Anxiety that I have found. So important as 4th of July approaches.

My motto is simplicity works best. And what can be more simple than a hug? It’s the natural way of saying in any situation “everything is alright”. It might not be scientific, but it aways works.

Now let’s apply that concept to pet anxiety, especially anxiety when caused by noise. Thunder, Fire Works, Vacuums, Police Sirens we here them every day, especially in the summer. Well, to a dog, who’s hearing capability is far superior to ours, these noises are traumatic. I remember when a fire truck or siren would pass by, Champ would howl, shake and scrunch down in fear.

Well, there is an all natural unbelievably simple and magnificently effective product for this called Thundershirt. Thundershirt is a full body wrap that is especially designed to give your dog a firm and snug hug during the time when noise anxiety are present. Thundershirts work and they work without drugs, training and no instructions. In my opinion, every dog owner should have one of these on hand for the 4th of July.