Doggie Sushi Gourmet Treats by Full Petential

Pet Product Review – Doggie Sushi GourmetTreats by Full Petential

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Doggie Dance SushiShake & Sushi

Lucky dogs! Doggie Dance Doggie Sushi treats – another treat sample sent to the review panel courtesy of my esteemed colleague who attended the recent Pet Expo!

Sushi for dogs? What a clever idea! The panel loves to test treats and it’s always fun to see how frenzied a particular treat will make them. Doggie Sushi sent the dogs into orbit! As you can see from the photo above, our Great Dane puppy (now 6 months and 85 pounds), went to great heights to claim his Doggie Sushi treat. He was crazed! He exhibited all the signs reserved for only the most irresistible treats: A crazed look in his eyes; the inability to focus on anything other than the treat inhis owner’s hand; a shameless willingness to do anything to get the treat.

Doggie Sushi Treats are soft chicken breast wrapped in fish. They contain Omega fatty acids which are good for his heart, skin and coat but no artificial colors or flavors. The ingredients (as listed on the package) are: Chicken Meat, Ocean Fish, Potato Starch, Glycerin and Natural Flavor. A fun, healthy treat!

You can purchase a 6.4 oz. package of Doggie Dance Doggie Sushi Treats for $7.45 on the Full Petential website .

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