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Pet Product Review – Doggy Decadents | fresh baked gourmet treats

Doggy Decadents | Fresh baked gourmet treatsSkippers Puppy Loving Pops

Doggy Decadents treats, cakes & gifts

Founded in 2007 by young Alaskan entrepreneur Chelsey Holman, Doggy Decadents specializes in freshly baked delicacies using only the highest quality, human-grade ingredients.

Shakespeare & his Doggy Decadents heart shaped cookie
We sampled the cinnamon flavored coconut clusters; honey bones dipped in yogurt; Puppy Loving Pops with rawhide sticks; and heart shaped cookies with pink frosting. You can clearly see that a lot of time, love and attention goes into these confections. What perfect goodies to serve at a doggy party or “gift” to a friend!
Doggy Biscuit of the Month Club The treats looked sofe festive and scrumptious, I felt a testing party was in order so I set the table, “bibbed” the boys, and gave them just a moment to drool in anticipation before setting their plates in front of them.
They were in Doggy Decadents heaven! Of course most of the goodies ended up on the floor as they merrily chomped away, but they didn’t miss a beat, sniffing down each crumb with Sherlockian skill. Begging for more, the Secret Shopper had to cut the gang off for the day in order to maintain their svelte physiques. There’s always tomorrow guys!
5 Paw Rating 5 paws up for Doggy Decadents gourmet treats!

Doggy Decadents offers their customers a wide variety of treats to choose from including: holiday, seasonal and signature treats as well as cupcakes, gift baskets and holiday bones. Prices range from $6 to $36.

Join the Doggy Biscuit of the Month Club and receive 1.5 pounds of fresh baked treats each month; a complimentary birthday treat; and free shipping!

If you think your product can pass the Secret Shopper Test, send an email to [email protected].