Video Review | Dura Doggie’s Beba – treat dispensing squeaky toy

Video Review | Dura Doggie’s Beba – treat dispensing squeaky toy

Dura Doggie donates 20% of their profits!I first learned of Dura Doggie last year when I reviewed theDura Doggie Disc. I was so impressed with how the disc (made with their own “special blend” of rubber), held-up against our Dane’s mighty jaws and sharp teeth that I couldn’t wait to test their latest creation, the Beba.

Chews from 4 causes! Kaya couldn’t wait to test the Beba either! Her excitement quickly spiraled into a state of deliriumas she watched her mom load the toy with her favorite treats and heard its irresistible squeak.

Kaya immediately employed a two-part technique for liberating the treats from their pink prison. First, she picks up the Bebain her mouth, takes a step or two and drops it. If no treats escape she then rolls it along the floor with her nose. Smart dog! We cheered her on as she performed this ritual over and over until all of the treats had been released and devoured. Kaya loves the Beba toy!

Watch Kaya as she perfects her Bebatechnique

Dura Doggie’s Beba toypassed the Secret Shopper’s test!

And the gravy on this biscuit is that 20% of the profits from your Dura Doggie purchase will go toward helping one of four causes of your choice:Fight Breast Cancer, Save Animals, Save the Planet or Fight Diabetes. Everybody wins!

You can “Chews Your Cause” and purchase a Beba toy for $13.99 on the website. Check-out their Neboballsand Dura Doggie Discs while you’re there!

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