Product Review: DoggieLicious Yogurt Dipped Peanut Butter Bones

Pet Product Review – DoggieLicious Yogurt Dipped Peanut Butter Bones – All Natural Dog Valentine Treats

Admit it! You love and cherish your puppy more than nearly anyone. I know I do. That’s why I can’t wait until Valentines day to give him a basket of special treats. I do spoil him rotten, but he gives me so much in return. When I want to spoil my little loved one, I give him peanut butter. Well you can imagine the scare I’ve had with the recent peanut butter recalls. So with that I set out to find premium quality Valentine treats that will satisfy my pup’s love for peanut butter and be safe.

doggielicious yogurt dipped bones

Lucky for me, and Champ, our favorite specialty treat bakery, DoggieLicious, never fails. Champ love love loves DoggieLicious Yogurt dipped Peanut Butter Bones. They are all natural 3″ hand dipped peanut butter bones, baked with love and care. A box of 6 comes in a specialty glossy gift box are only $7. And now when you order online at and use the code HEART you will receive a 15% discount on your order.

Now about peanut butter. You’re probably asking me why I am recommending a produt that includes peanut butter during such time a recall and salmonella concern. Well, I contacted the founders of DoggieLicious about the peanut butter they use in their products and here is what he said:

Dear Secret Shopper,

Thank you for contacting us about this issue. We only purchase and use Smuckers Brand Natural Peanut Butter from the JM Smucker company. The JM Smucker company does NOT purchase peanuts, peanut butter or peanut products from Peanut Corporation of America. Therefore, all DoggieLicious products that contain peanut butter are safe for consumption by not only dogs, but they are safe for humans as well.

You can read the JM Smucker Company press release on this subject here: Well, let me tell you, what a relief. Quite simply Smuckers is one of the most respected food companies that I know of. I love Smuckers and I love DoggieLicious for using such premium ingredients. Now Champ will get his peanut butter Valentine treats and I have the confidence that the treats I give him are safe.doggielicious valentine molasses hearts Champ will also get some delicious DoggieLicious Valentine Molasses Hearts shown above.

If you have a product you think will pass the Secret Shopper test, send an email to [email protected]