Peanut Butter Pork Knotz by Pork Chomps

Pet Product Review – Peanut Butter Pork Knotz by Pork Chomps


The good people at Pork Chomps sent the panel their Peanut Butter Pork Knotz to review. The judges cast their votes (1-5 paw scale/5 paws = Irresistible):



Jade mauled her owner as she walked through the door with the bone hidden under her coat and quickly put the kibosh on sharing with Kitty-sister Zeus who was also overcome by the treat’s secuctive scent.



After devouring his peanut butter Pork Chomp, Joey searched the house for 2 days looking for another and will no longer have anything to do with his rawhide bone.



Noah was a little more persnickety when it came to consuming his savory surprise, choosing to target the peanut butter layer exclusively, leaving the rest behind.

Pork Chomps offers a line of easily digestible, baked pork skin chews in bacon, peanut butter, pepperoni and smoked flavors. I’m pleased that there is such a doggy-desirable alternative to rawhide after reading warnings of the potential harm rawhide can inflict on a dog’s digestive system.

A great way to ring in the Safe Toy & Gift Month of December, you can purchase Pork Chomps at many pet supply stores and online on the Pork Chomps website where a 4 pack of 8″-9″ Pork Knotz sells for $3.89. As recommended on the packaging and the Pork Chomps website, be sure to supervise your dog while he enjoys his treat.

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