Pork Chomps treats made with Baked Pork Skin

Pet Product Review – Pork Comps treats made with Baked Pork Skin

If you have a dog making sure he’s got treats that he likes and are safe and healthy is very important. And if you’re like me, every time you reach for one of those raw hide treats you think “hmmm, I’ve heard these may not be the best.”

Well, Soctt Pet Products, a leading provider of innovative pet products for over 35 years is easing this concern with the introduction of Pork Chomps, Made with baked pork skin that have a natural flavor and extremely appealing to dogs.


Because they are made of baked pork skin, Pork Chomps are digested more easily than rawhide. Beef rawhide has been found to cause harmful and painful obstructions in a dog’s digestive tract, which could put your dog at risk for intestinal blockages.

My dog Charlie just loves the bacon flavored.

Order your bag of Pork Chops for only $21.99 for a 25 count at http://porkchomps.com/eshop/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=28&cat=Bacon+Flavored

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