Dog birthday party favors

Gone are the days when you came, ate, played, and went home with nothing but good memories. These days, goody bags are the rule. We’ve combed through some fun stuff to add to your guests’ goody bags.

Edible birthday card

Okay, technically it’s meant for the birthday dog, not her guests, but we don’t think anyone will complain. This dog birthday card is made of rawhide and nontoxic ink, ensuring that every canine guest will have a tasty reminder of your dog’s big day.

Cupcake squeaker toy

The dogs may destroy these party favors faster than you can say ‘squeaker,’ but they’ll have a blast doing it (just supervise and make sure no one chokes on squeakers or stuffing).

Treat box

This sweet little box of dog treats is pretty enough to be a goody bag all by itself.

Bone paper clips

For the human guests, these bone-shaped paper clips come in ‘pewter’ and ‘antique’ and are way more fun than the regular kind.

Birthday party invitations

Birthday party decorations

Birthday party food

Birthday party clothes

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