Dog birthday party

  • Dogust: How To Throw A Dog Birthday Party

    Dogust: How To Throw A Dog Birthday Party

    August 1st is a special day set aside as the birthday of all dogs whose actual birth date is unknown. Why not have a birthday party for your pup?

  • Dog birthday party clothes

    Dog birthday party clothes

    Costumes aren’t essential for a dog birthday party–in fact, your dog may enjoy her special day more if she’s not running around in a tutu. But if your dog tolerates playing dress-up, this is a perfect excuse to invest in a party dress or outfit. Even a playful ruff or neckerchief can dress your dog […]

  • Dog birthday party food

    Dog birthday party food

    What to serve the dogs When dishing out the birthday cake, make sure every dog has his own plate. (In fact, if any of the dogs gets possessive around food, you may want to separate the dogs completely when they eat.) You can serve the cake in real bowls that you send home with the […]

  • Dog birthday party favors

    Dog birthday party favors

    Gone are the days when you came, ate, played, and went home with nothing but good memories. These days, goody bags are the rule. We’ve combed through some fun stuff to add to your guests’ goody bags. Edible birthday cardOkay, technically it’s meant for the birthday dog, not her guests, but we don’t think anyone […]

  • Dog birthday party decorations

    Dog birthday party decorations

    Whether your party is indoors or out, festive decorations help set the scene. Here are some of our favorite items to help get your guests in the party mood. Paw-ty time hatsOf course, no birthday party is complete without party hats. We like these pawprint hats, available in sage green, blue, pink, or polka dots. […]

  • Dog birthday party invitations

    Dog birthday party invitations

    Dog parties are so popular now that you have a great selection of premade and digital cards to choose from to set the tone for your dog party. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below: DogTime Evite invitations One easy option for inviting your friends and their furry companions to your dog’s birthday party […]