Wire Fox Terrier wins 138th Westminster

After two days of glitz, glamor, and pooch pageantry at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, Wire Fox Terrier GCH Afterall Painting the Sky, better known simply as Sky, claimed the “Best in Show” title at the 138th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Sky beat out roughly 2,800 dogs to earn the coveted ribbon, trophy, Sardi’s steak dinner, and title.

Sky sure faced some serious four-legged competition in this year’s show. Bloodhound Nathan, who represented the Hound group, was a clear crowd favorite, fans cheering loudly every time he circled the ring. Had he been the purple-and-gold ribbon winner on February 11, he would’ve been the first ever Bloodhound to claim the top title.

For Matisse, the Portuguese Water Dog who took the Working Group, last night wasn’t his first time in the WKC “Best in Show” ring. When affable Affenpinscher Banana Joe was crowned top dog in the 2013 competition, he had to beat Matisse, who, like this year, was considered one of the odds on favorites to win. Though he fell just short of “Best in Show” again this time around, something tells us Matisse might be back in 2015 for another go at WKC gold — and he just might win.

Perfectly-coiffed Standard Poodle Ally, winner of the Non-Sporting Group, was named the “2014 Reserve Best in Show” winner, or runner-up in this year’s canine competition.

Miniature Pinscher Classy, Irish Water Spaniel Riley, and Cardigan Welsh Corgi Coco Posh rounded out the WKC top seven, winning their groups to advance to the final round.

But “Best in Show” judge Betty Leininger says Sky was the clear choice in a group of great dogs.

“She just said, ‘Pick me,” Leininger said in a news conference after the big show. “She is a beautiful Wire. She really made us proud.”

Sky is a dog show veteran and multiple-title winner, so she is certainly no stranger to champion status. But Leininger thinks the wonderful Wire performed her best at Westminster.

“This was her night. I’ve seen her before. I had never judged her before. I had seen her before at other dog shows where she’s won. She looked the best tonight from every angle,” Leininger says.

Proud handler Gabriel Rangel calls his buddy Sky “the perfect little dog.”

“You put the lead on her, she puts the tail up,” Rangel says. “You put food in your pocket, and she’s like, ‘What do you want me to do?”

This is not the first time the Wire Fox Terrier has taken the cake at Westminster—not by a long shot. In fact, the Wire holds the WKC record for most wins of any breed. Sky’s victory makes it a whopping 14 “Best in Show” ribbons for Wire Fox Terriers. Scottish Terriers, like 2010’s “Best in Show” winner Sadie (who was also handled by Rangel), come in at a distant second place with 8 total “Best in Show” titles.

Want to learn more about the 2014 winner, Sky? America’s top dog has her own website and Facebook page to stay in touch with her fans.

Winners of the 138th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (2014):

Sky, winner of Best in Show for 2014. (Photo Credit: Jack Grassa)

Herding Group:Coco PoshCardigan Welsh CorgiFemale6
Hound Group:NathanBloodhoundMale4
Sporting Group:RileyIrish SpanielFemale5
Toy Group:ClassyMiniature PinscherFemale5
Terrier Group:SkyWire Fox TerrierFemale6
Working Group:MaltissePortuguese Water DogMale6
Best in Show:SkyWire Fox TerrierFemale6
Reserve Best in Show:AllyPoodleFemale6

The 1st Westminster Agility Championship (2014):

Kelso (Photo Credit: Steve Surfman/WKC)

8 in. Class:EZPapillon31.31Male7Florida
12 in. Class:JonesyMiniature Schnauzer30.00Male10Maine
16 in. Class:DashPyrenean Shepherd29.01Male6California
20 in. Class:KelsoBorder Collie28.44Male8Maine
24 in. Class:Roo!All American30.28Female7California
Best All American:Roo!All American30.28Female7California
Overall winner:KelsoBorder Collie28.44Male8Maine