Westminster watch

An in-depth look at The Westminster Dog Show, which takes place February 10 and 11 in New York City; here are some thing to expect from this year’s event.

by Kim Campbell Thornton
February 10th, 2014

Westminster dog profiles in versatility

They aren’t just for show: Meet four of the dogs competing in this year’s Westminster Show, including a mixed-breed pooch who’s entering the first Agility Trial.

by Kim Campbell Thornton
February 7th, 2014

Show dog detects his owner’s cancer

A Doberman Pinscher, who’s competing for “Best in Show” at Westminster next week, performed a life-saving act three years ago, when he behaved strangely toward his owner.

by DogTime
February 5th, 2014

Westminster Dog Show: the 2011 winners

Didn’t make it to the 2011 Westminster Dog Show in New York City’s Madison Square Garden? You’re in luck, we’ve got the list of winners:The coveted Best in Show prize went to a Scottish Deerhound named Hickory, a five-year-old female from Virgina.Winner in the Working dog category: Ladybug, a Portuguese Water Dog. (Yep, same breed […]

by DogTime
March 31st, 2011
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