Terrier Dogs

Terriers are the rascals of the dog world. Their name comes from the Latin word terra, meaning earth, and references their love of digging for such prey as foxes, moles, badgers, and rats.

Terriers come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, but they all share a feisty, mischievous personality and an energetic nature. They’re highly intelligent and trainable — if you have patience and a great sense of humor.

It’s hard to stay a step ahead of a Terrier. True to their name, Terriers are territorial: they protect the patch of earth that’s theirs and will bark furiously at people or animals who approach their property. They’re also escape artists and require a securely fenced yard.

Many Terriers have hard, wiry coats that must be plucked or stripped of dead hair to retain the proper texture; using clippers will soften and lighten the coat.