Which Dog Groups Make The Best D&D Classes?

DND Dogs

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If you’re a nerd like me you’ve played a lot of Dungeons & Dragons. Or maybe you’ve only played a little bit. For those that don’t know, Dungeons & Dragons is an old-school tabletop RPG that includes character sheets, die rolling, role-playing, and sometimes math. You create a character and determine their gender, race, and class, and then pretend to be that character through what is called a “campaign” controlled by a “Dungeon Master”.  Both races and classes give characters various attributes, and it’s why players must give some thought to the type of character they want to play.

After one long session of Dungeons & Dragons, I realized that certain dog groups would be well placed as various classes from this game. Here is my list of dogs that would portray a class the most accurately based on my own opinion and experiences with the breeds. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments!

Herding Dogs As Rangers

Herding dogs work it all of the time–and so do Rangers! Rangers in Dungeons & Dragons are described as warriors who use martial prowess and nature magic to combat threats. This reminds me of dogs that herd. Herding dogs that work beside their owners to help control livestock are, as far as I’m concerned, magical. They also have to be healthy and active to keep up with their charges and owners, so the herding dog group gets the ranger!

Hound Dogs as Rogues/Bards

DND Dogs

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If you’ve ever had a hound dog, you know two things: they’re sneaky, but they’re also loud! So this gives the Hound Dog group a special double classification as either a Rogue or a Bard. Hounds are crafty, and they’re supposed to be. They were bred to assist their owners in hunting down game. As such, hounds are intelligent, but also easily bored. This gives them a tendency to get in trouble if they’re not cared for properly. Because Rogues are also classes that are known for their “tricksy” behaviors, hounds are the perfect fit for this class.

Working Dogs as Barbarians

Working dogs are often large and obtrusive, even when they don’t mean to be. This alone makes them perfect as Barbarians. That being said, if you have a working dog, you can’t help but love them and appreciate how amazing they are. The same is often the case for the barbarian in your party. This American Kennel Club group consist of breeds like Rottweilers, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Great Danes.

Sporting Dogs as Fighters

Sporting dogs are generally a high energy, muscled breed. These breeds are attentive and intelligent and are some of the most common breeds owned by the general public. While gentle in nature, these dogs have a protective ferocity that comes from their intended purpose as a hunter’s companion. They’re always willing to defend the humans they care about. This is what makes then perfect in the Fighter category.

Terrier Group As Wizards

DND Dogs

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Beards. This is pretty much the entire basis for my decision on this one. While not all terrier’s have beards, many do. They also have a tendency to look wizened and old at any age. So yes. Wizards it is!

Non-Sporting Group As Clerics

In terms of practicality, you can usually take or leave a Cleric depending on the types of games you play. The same can be said of non-sporting groups. Yes, they’re loveable, but you’re not entirely sure how they got to be what they are. Still, you love them all the same! This is why non-sporting breeds are the perfect clerics.

Toy Group As Warlocks

I’m convinced that most Toy breeds have a chaotic neutral leaning, so Toy breeds get Warlocks. Yes, they’re lovely and magical (let’s be honest; what dogs aren’t magical?) but they can turn fierce faster than you can fall into a goblin camp. You also shouldn’t be entirely surprised if your dog has cut a deal with an evil fiend to ensure they get what they want. Which is usually more treats!

And there you have it! AKC dog classes as Dungeons and Dragons character classes! Agree? Disagree? Let us know!

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