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    What Is The Sporting Dog Group?

    Of all the groups, the Sporting Dog Group might be the most recognizable both in breed and purpose, as much of this group is still used for the tasks they were originally bred for. Here’s what you should know about Sporting Dogs!

    by Beth Meadows
    January 15th

    Tips For Teaching Your Children To Respect Dogs

    Children and dogs don’t necessarily get along automatically. Like all cohabiting animals, they must learn to live together to be safe and happy. Teaching your children how to behave around animals, and dogs especially, can be the difference between long and happy days with your pets and a literal disaster.

    by Beth Meadows
    January 14th

    Can Dogs Eat Ham? Is Ham Safe For Dogs?

    Can dogs eat ham? The answer to that question isn’t a simple yes or no. There are many things to consider before feeding ham to your dog, and, as always, you should as your vet before sharing human foods with your canine friend. Here’s what you should know.

    by Beth Meadows
    December 18th

    Can Dogs Eat Potatoes? Are Potatoes Safe For Dogs?

    Can dogs eat potatoes? The answer is both yes and no. Like most things that both we eat and our dogs eat, much of the answer lies in the preparation of the food item in question. Here’s what you should know about dogs and potatoes.

    by Beth Meadows
    December 17th

    Let’s Talk Safety Tips For Walking Your Dog At Night

    Walking your dog at night can be challenging, and those challenges might change with the weather and the area where you’re walking. But with a few tips, you can keep yourself and your pup safe on your night time walks. Let’s talk about night walk safety!

    by Beth Meadows
    December 13th

    Can Dogs Eat Turkey? Is Turkey Safe For Dogs?

    Can dogs eat turkey? The short answer is yes. Dogs can eat turkey, but this comes with a few caveats. Plain, white meat turkey with no bones will usually make for a safe treat for pups, but there are plenty of exceptions. And as always, you must ask your vet before sharing human foods with your dog.

    by Beth Meadows
    November 28th

    3 Delicious Fish Treat Recipes For Dogs

    If you’re willing to experiment and you’re mindful of your dog’s nutritional requirements, baking homemade treats can be a fun “once in a while” thing for you and your pet. Here are some fish-based recipes for your four-legged friend to enjoy.

    by Beth Meadows
    October 30th

    Dog Grooming: How To Treat Matted Fur [VIDEOS]

    Matted fur, when left unattended, can actually become painful for dogs. It pulls at the skin, and it can also harbor bacteria and pests, leading to infections and infestations. Here are some basic video tutorials for de-matting your dog’s coat.

    by Beth Meadows
    September 27th

    Help! My Dog Ate Marijuana! What Should I Do?

    Dogs get into things they’re not supposed to, especially when it comes to edible marijuana products. So if your pup gets into your stash, take the following steps to ensure your dog is safe in an emergency situation of over-consumption and overdose.

    by Beth Meadows
    September 25th

    4 Natural Remedies For Your Dog’s Bad Breath

    Sometimes, our best friends have bad breath. If your dog just happens to enjoy drinking from the toilet once in a while and you’re wanting to cover up the smell of potty mouth, here are some great methods to make your pup’s breath a little more pleasing to the senses.

    by Beth Meadows
    September 17th

    Is Your Dog Stressed? Here Are 5 Possible Signs

    Believe it or not, our canine companions get stressed. The circumstances and degrees of this can vary from dog to dog since no two are alike, but it’s nevertheless it’s something important of which all dog owners must be wary.

    by Beth Meadows
    September 3rd

    Labor Day: 5 Fun Ways To Celebrate With Your Best Dog Friend

    Labor Day is coming up on September 2nd in 2019! For many of us, Labor Day is the last real summer hurrah. So of course we want to celebrate it with our family members, including the furry ones! If you’re not sure where to get started, here are five ways to celebrate Labor Day with your best friend.

    by Beth Meadows
    September 2nd

    Gardening With Dogs: 5 Tips To Keep Your Pup Safe

    While it’s always a wonderful treat to have fresh fruits and veggies available, it’s important to note that gardens and gardening can be a veritable hazard for those who own dogs. Chemicals, sharp tools, and even plants, themselves, can can quickly cause an emergency for dogs.

    by Beth Meadows
    August 9th

    Why Do Dog Feet Smell Like Fritos?

    Did you know that many dogs’ feet smell like corn chips? And many dog people love the smell of their dogs’ paws! But what is that corn chip aroma exactly? Here’s the reason your dog’s feet might smell like Fritos.

    by Beth Meadows
    August 6th
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