Communicate with dogs?


You say that anybody can talk with their animals. I want to learn, but I don’t think I’m intuitive enough. How can I tell if I’m intuitive?


The hardest part of animal communication is believing that you can do it. I can teach a kid how to talk with animals in 10 minutes. It takes at least 10 hours with an adult.

Why is that? Why is there such a difference? Partially, it’s because kids aren’t too self-conscious to try. They don’t worry about whether they can or can’t do something. They try it, and if it works, they use it.

You never hear a kid say, “That’s great, but am I intuitive enough?”

You’re intuitive enough. You just need to tap into it.

Here are a few ways to try:

Start by taking a few deep breaths. Then, just by using your mind and not your voice, call your pet from another room (If your pet doesn’t come, but you hear a “No, I’m comfortable,” you’re communicating intuitively)

When you walk down the street, you might see a dog you don’t know. Use your mind and not your voice to say “Hey! Hi! You look like a nice dog.” See if the dog looks at you.

Whenever you want your pet to make a choice, use your mind and not your voice to ask. Listen for the answer. “Chicken or Fish tonight?” Fish. “Dog park or walk around the block?” Dog Park.

Just like taking up running, you may need to practice a bit before you show any progress. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t judge yourself.

If I laced up my running shoes and headed outside and expected to run 5 miles, I would be sorely mistaken in my abilities. Does that mean that I can never run 5 miles? That I don’t have it in me? Of course not. It just means that I didn’t do it today.

Intuitive animal communication is way easier than running.

Good Luck!