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  • The Grand Canyon with Fido in tow

    The Grand Canyon with Fido in tow

    by Claudine J. Randazzo of FIDO Friendly Magazine Stalwart RVers are always keeping their ears open for the next “best-kept secret” location, especially those who travel with their four-pawed companions. The Railside RV Ranch definitely qualifies as one of the best-kept secrets of the West. Located in Williams, Arizona, this RV resort is 60 miles […]

  • Fido goes Hawaiian

    Fido goes Hawaiian

    Teach your dog to speak Hawaiian

  • 10 most dog-friendly cities

    10 most dog-friendly cities

    Thinking of heading out of town for a little R&R, but don’t want to leave your pup behind? Save the money and guilt that would have been spent boarding your dog in a kennel, stop worrying about who you can call to pop in to your house to take your dog for a walk, and […]

  • Pet shipping and pet relocation

    Pet shipping and pet relocation

    Must-know tips on moving your pet

  • Virginia is for dog lovers

    Virginia is for dog lovers

    by Carol Bryant of FIDO Friendly Magazine Sightsee. Shop. Salute. Sniff. Stay. Something for the two-legged and four-legged variety all rolled up into one heart-shaped slogan. You already know this state loves you, but did you know Virginia is for dog lovers, too? Prestigious enough to earn itself a recent spot on Madison Avenue’s Walk […]

  • Ten Signs a Bed & Breakfast has TLC (True Love for Canines)

    Ten Signs a Bed & Breakfast has TLC (True Love for Canines)

    By Carol Bryant, FIDO Friendly magazine The April 2011 issue of FIDO Friendly magazine explores The Top 10 Bed and Breakfasts for the most memorable heart-to-barks. Here are some signs a Bed and Breakfast is more than pet accepting, but is truly pet welcoming. 10. “More than a patch”: Ample grounds upon which to walk […]

  • Road warrior survival guide

    Road warrior survival guide

    What to pack before you go

  • Pet shipping safety?

    Pet shipping safety?

    Question: I am moving my pet by air, and my biggest concern is his safety. How do I keep him safe throughout his journey? Answer: Many of the fears surrounding pet transportation stem from owners putting pets on planes without knowing the correct ways to prepare their animals, or the correct aircraft to use for […]

  • Sleepypod Air

    Sleepypod Air

    Pet Product Review – Sleepypod Air Today I was not sent a sample I was sent a press release announcing the newest product specifically designed for in cabin pet travel on aircraft. Again, I wish I had a sample so I can give you my opinion, but I did want to bring it to your […]

  • KibbleTrek Travel Packs

    KibbleTrek Travel Packs

    Pet Product Review – KibbleTrek dog travel packs by Blue Dogg Innovation Marketing Bluedogg Innovation Marketing and Media announces a major new product introduction to simplify traveling with your canine companion. KibbleTrek is a dog travel pack with the essential items needed for a day trip or an extended outing. Two versions of the KibbleTrek […]

  • To Go Car Travel Bowl

    To Go Car Travel Bowl

    Pet Product Rewview – To Go Car Travel Bowl Everyone knows that come summer time, one can spend as much time in their car as they do at home. And if you’re a dog lover, that means your dog goes with you. Now, I have to start with a common sense reminder, never, ever leave […]

  • Dog Travel Tips

    Dog Travel Tips

    Tips for traveling with your dog or puppy

  • Thanksgiving roads and Fido

    Thanksgiving roads and Fido

    Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go. No doubt, millions will trek to the abodes of family and friends as the holiday season approaches. Just how many are traveling with Fido this holiday season? released recently the results of its first annual Holiday Pet Travel Survey of more than […]

  • Washington’s Snoqualmie Falls and the Salish Lodge & Spa

    Washington’s Snoqualmie Falls and the Salish Lodge & Spa

    By Nicholas Sveslosky, Editor FIDO Friendly magazine Wow. There are few locations that make me say that, and the Salish Lodge & Spa at Snoqualmie Falls in western Washington is one of those hotels. I love locations that don’t miss a step for hopeless romantics like myself. From perfect Northwest décor, to a luxurious spa […]

  • Canines on the Maine Line

    Canines on the Maine Line

    “Dirigo,” Maine’s state motto, is Latin for “I lead.” And Fido-friendly travelers will see that Maine is one state that truly “leads” the pack in acceptance and friendliness of both humans and canines. Have dog, will travel is my personal mantra and probably one of your favorites as well. Never before have I experienced such […]

  • Special needs dogs hit the road

    Special needs dogs hit the road

    By Carol Bryant, FIDO Friendly magazine “Traveling with a blind dog is not much different than traveling with a sighted dog”; “He adapted to his wheelchair immediately and uses a harness in the car”; “Road trips with a senior dog just require a little extra planning.” These are the comments echoed by the canine guardians […]

  • Are You a Geo Tourist? Check out Arch Cape Inn & Retreat…

    Are You a Geo Tourist? Check out Arch Cape Inn & Retreat…

    By Susan Sims, Publisher FIDO Friendly magazine Wow. And then wow again. Did someone say “French Chateau?” I could stop right here but I won’t. Prepare to be dazzled and pampered. Situated in beautiful Arch Cape, Oregon, the Arch Cape Inn & Retreat welcomes both you and Fido with open arms. Owners Cynthia and Stephen […]

  • 10 ways to keep Fido safe while flying

    10 ways to keep Fido safe while flying

    By Nicholas T. Sveslosky, Editor of Fido Friendly magazine No matter how prepared I felt, I was still nervous when flying with my black Labrador Tasha to Colorado. Is it too cold? Will she be thrown about? Does she have to go to the bathroom? These and other similar thoughts of concern floated about my […]

  • Moving pet internationally?

    Moving pet internationally?

    Question: I’m relocating internationally with my pet. How far in advance do I start planning and where do I start? Answer: Advance planning is crucial. International relocations for pets, just like their human counterparts, require months of advance planning and careful attention to paperwork details. A pet relocation company ensures that all of the documentation […]

  • Moving pets within the U.S.?

    Moving pets within the U.S.?

    Question: My dog and I are going to be moving from New York to Los Angeles. What is required for all live animals crossing state lines? Answer: The requirements for moving domestically are fairly simple. The following are regulations for pets traveling domestically within the United States as well as entering the United States from […]

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