Gel Galang

    Made To Love Dogs: How Our Genes Make Us True Canine Lovers

    In a recent study conducted on tendencies for dog ownership, a team of scientists examined information from over 35,000 pairs of twins twins for any possibility of genetic component for dog preference. The results show that genes have a significant influence on whether a person will get a dog for a pet.

    by Gel Galang
    August 26th

    Study Shows Dogs Fill Men & Women’s Lives Differently

    One research poll suggests that the reason for getting a pet may be influenced by your gender attributes. A national poll that surveyed over 600 single men and women found that they had different reasons for bringing home a loving pooch. Here are the results.

    by Gel Galang
    August 26th

    Is Your Dog Healthy? Their Farts Might Tell You!

    Just like in humans, farting can either be a passing–pun intended–occurrence or a pressing problem. Responsible pet owners should know when to differentiate between the two. Before laughing off this smelly problem, make sure your dog’s excess gas isn’t a sign of a health risk.

    by Gel Galang
    May 29th

    How Therapy Dogs Can Help With ADHD Symptoms

    Researchers explored the benefits of therapy dogs on children with ADHD. Specifically, they wanted to test the symptoms of ADHD through interactions with therapy dogs. Here’s what their research found.

    by Gel Galang
    March 15th
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