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    8 Money Saving Tips For Dog Owners

    Dogs give us so much love and affection that, often times, we forget how expensive they can be. So, with that being said, here are eight money saving tips for dog owners.

    by Jean Andrei
    July 22nd

    5 Benefits Of Playing With Your Dog

    Beyond seeing our beloved pups just having fun outside and enjoying themselves, there’s a lot of benefits to playing with them. Here are five benefits you and your dog receive when you play with them.

    by Jean Andrei
    July 16th

    6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Life

    The least we can do for our dogs is to try to make sure they live comfortable, happier lives. And it doesn’t take much to enhance their lives and make them better. Sometimes all it takes is some simple and easy steps that can ensure they will be just as happy as they make us.

    by Jean Andrei
    July 16th

    6 Dogs Playing With The Most Unusual Toys [VIDEOS]

    Sometimes you’ll find your dog playing with the most interesting things they can get their paws on. Our beloved pups will always find ways to entertain themselves. Check out these six hilarious dogs who found entertainment value in some uncommon things.

    by Jean Andrei
    July 2nd

    Study Shows Dogs Can Detect Lung Cancer with 97% Accuracy

    Even with all the expensive research and development of sophisticated technology, it’s through three Beagles that scientists have possibly found a new cancer-screening approach that is inexpensive, non-invasive, and accurate. These dogs can actually detect lung cancer.

    by Jean Andrei
    June 24th

    5 Of The Most Spoiled Dogs In The World

    Our dogs give us their attention, endless amounts of love, and unfailing loyalty. So of course they deserve all the excess affection we give to them. But there are some pups who get pampered just as well as the rich and famous. Here the five of the most spoiled dogs living larger than most of us do.

    by Jean Andrei
    June 20th

    5 Hero Dogs Who Saved People’s Lives

    The heroics of dogs aren’t confined to just your television screen. There are many loving and loyal hero dogs out there who have saved the lives of their humans, and we’ve got a few stories that demonstration their courage.

    by Jean Andrei
    June 11th

    6 Adorable, Adventurous Dogs With Huge Instagram Followings

    It’s not surprising that celebrities have millions of Instagram followers. What is surprising is that there are popular pets who have millions of followers of their own! Here are six dogs with huge Instagram followings, and we can’t wait to see more of their adorable adventures!

    by Jean Andrei
    June 4th

    10 Dog Breeds Who Love Swimming And Playing In Water

    There are certain dog breeds who love being in the water. In fact, it’s a wonder that they don’t have fins attached to their bodies! If you’re someone who loves swimming and you’re looking to adopt a dog to keep you company, check these ten dog breeds out.

    by Jean Andrei
    May 30th
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