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    6 Best Loyal, Hardworking Farm Dog Breeds

    From guarding livestock to herding other farm animals, dogs have played an integral role helping farmers maintain order and protecting livestock from predators. But not all dog breeds were meant for the rigors of the rural life. Here are the six best farm dog breeds that enjoy life in the country.

    by Jean Andrei
    May 20th

    7 Best Animated Dog Movies For The Whole Family!

    Kids of all ages can enjoy these stories of adventure, love, and laughs. Often times, these terrific animated dog movies stay with us far longer than most live action movies. Here are the seven best animated dog movies we think you and your family–including your pup–will enjoy!

    by Jean Andrei
    May 15th

    Study Finds Men’s Beards Have More Germs Than Dogs’ Fur

    We bathe almost every day, but limit our dogs’ grooming needs to bathing once every couple of weeks to every few months. Does that mean we’re cleaner than our pups? Well, if you’re a bearded man, then your facial hair might have more germs than your dog’s fur coat.

    by Jean Andrei
    May 13th

    Can Deaf Dogs Learn Sign Language?

    When it comes to deaf or hearing-impaired dogs, you can use hand signs to replace the verbal aspects of communication. In fact, whether you have a deaf dog or a hearing one, many now believe that body language and hand signals are better forms of communication than verbal commands.

    by Jean Andrei
    May 8th

    6 Things You Need When Going On A Hike With Your Dog

    Most dogs love the outdoors, and on a hike, they’re able to stretch their legs and explore the world around them. But before you take your dog out on the trail, there are few things you need to consider. Here are six things you need when going on a hike with your dog.

    by Jean Andrei
    May 6th

    6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Occupied While You’re At Work

    While we’re at work, we usually leave our pups all alone at home waiting for us to return. But are they whining because they’re lonely, or are they chewing things in the house they’re not supposed to because they’re bored? Here’s how to keep them busy.

    by Jean Andrei
    April 23rd

    6 Funny Dogs Who Don’t Wanna Take Baths [VIDEOS]

    If there is one thing that most dogs universally dislike, it might be a nice bath. Okay, maybe not all dogs hate it, but a good majority of them would be perfectly content not to have one ever again. Here are seven funny dogs who would prefer to just stay stinky.

    by Jean Andrei
    April 22nd

    7 Of The Most Stubborn, Challenging-To-Train Dog Breeds

    There are some stubborn dog breeds who might just test the limits of your patience while you’re trying to train them. And it’s not because these specific dog breeds are slow or obtuse. Nope. In fact, quite the contrary–these dog breeds are highly intelligent.

    by Jean Andrei
    April 17th

    How To Make Sure Your Pet Sitter Is Trustworthy

    How can we make sure our dogs are with the right pet sitter? How can we make sure they are trustworthy? Here are a few steps you can take to pick a great pet sitter who will put your mind at ease while you’re away from your furry best buddy.

    by Jean Andrei
    April 11th
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