Jean Andrei

    5 Ways To Cheer Up A Depressed Dog

    If you’re close with your pooch, then it isn’t hard to figure if they’re feeling down. If you happen to find your dog’s mood change for the worse, here are five ways to cheer them up when they feel depressed.

    by Jean Andrei
    September 14th

    5 Signs Your Dog Might Be Unhappy Or Depressed

    When it comes to our beloved dogs, we tend to think of them at their best, tongues out while running and playing in the backyard and having a great time. But sometimes things affect our dogs emotionally, which can lead to anxiety and depression. Here’s how to spot the signs of depression in your dog.

    by Jean Andrei
    September 10th

    6 Reasons Why You CANNOT Skip Grooming Your Dog

    It’s great to make sure our beautiful dogs stay clean and smell good by grooming them regularly, but grooming is about more than just keeping them nice and pretty. In fact, it’s actually vital to their health and wellness. Here’s why you can’t skip it!

    by Jean Andrei
    August 19th

    8 Money Saving Tips For Dog Parents

    Dogs give us so much love and affection that, often times, we forget how expensive they can be. So, with that being said, here are eight money saving tips for dog parents.

    by Jean Andrei
    August 17th

    6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Life

    The least we can do for our dogs is to try to make sure they live comfortable, happier lives. And it doesn’t take much to enhance their lives and make them better. Sometimes all it takes is some simple and easy steps that can ensure they will be just as happy as they make us.

    by Jean Andrei
    August 13th

    6 Things You Need When You Go On A Hike With Your Dog

    Most dogs love the outdoors, and on a hike, they’re able to stretch their legs and explore the world around them. But before you take your dog out on the trail, there are few things you need to consider. Here are six things you need when going on a hike with your dog.

    by Jean Andrei
    August 4th

    Can Deaf Dogs Learn Sign Language?

    When it comes to deaf or hearing-impaired dogs, you can use hand signs to replace the verbal aspects of communication. In fact, whether you have a deaf dog or a hearing one, many now believe that body language and hand signals are better forms of communication than verbal commands.

    by Jean Andrei
    June 9th

    10 Dog Breeds Who Love Swimming And Playing In Water

    There are certain dog breeds who love being in the water. In fact, it’s a wonder that they don’t have fins attached to their bodies! If you’re someone who loves swimming and you’re looking to adopt a dog to keep you company, check these ten dog breeds out.

    by Jean Andrei
    June 2nd
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