Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming: How To Treat Matted Fur [VIDEOS]

Matted fur, when left unattended, can actually become painful for dogs. It pulls at the skin, and it can also harbor bacteria and pests, leading to infections and infestations. Here are some basic video tutorials for de-matting your dog’s coat.

by Beth Meadows
November 16th

6 Reasons Why You CANNOT Skip Grooming Your Dog

It’s great to make sure our beautiful dogs stay clean and smell good by grooming them regularly, but grooming is about more than just keeping them nice and pretty. In fact, it’s actually vital to their health and wellness. Here’s why you can’t skip it!

by Jean Andrei
August 19th
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5 Of The Best Items To Handle Your Dog’s Spring Shedding

Addressing your dog’s shedding may help with some of your spring allergies. Not to mention, it will keep your dog’s coat healthy!  Here are five great items that can help you handle your dog’s spring shedding, including special brushes, hair removal brooms, and natural shampoos.

by Phillip Mlynar
April 15th

Dog Brushes: Which One Is Best For Your Dog’s Coat?

You might not think of it, but depending on your dog’s fur, you will likely need a specific kind of brush. There are many different kinds of dog brushes for many different types of coats, and it can be tough to know how to pick the right one. Here’s a quick guide.

by Beth Meadows
January 29th

Are Spot On Flea Drop Treatments Killing Your Dog?

Do you have any homemade flea and tick remedies for pups? Please share them in the comments below. We can only learn and grow as a pet community with your help! It takes teamwork to raise our pups and keep them healthy and happy. Sharing is everything.

by Higgins
March 20th, 2017
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