Paw-mazing Pets: Watch These Thrill-Seeking Dogs Doing Some Extreme Sports [VIDEOS]

Dog Extreme Sports

(Picture Credit: lisegagne/Getty Images)

Ever see a dog flying or catching some waves? What about skateboarding or base jumping?

Humans can be pretty fearless when testing their limits through extreme sports. And for pet parents who like to go extreme, some are also fortunate to find best friends in their dogs who share the same passion for life.

Before we share some videos of these dogs doing extreme sports, it’s important to know that none of these pups are being forced against their will. These furry friends are with experienced humans who’ve trained with their pups for a while and have slowly introduced them to their lifestyles.

Please don’t try to imitate or attempt any of these extreme sports unless you’re experienced or are with someone who is.

Now, on to these seven thrill-seeking dogs who are having a blast with extreme sports!

1. Hollywood Dog Who Loves To Skateboard

Jumpy might be the most decorated dog among this list of canines. Not only does this Border Collie mix love to skateboard, but he has shared the silver screen with the likes of actors such as Ethan Hawke and John Travolta.

This pup was adopted by Omar Muller in Los Angeles. Omar would go to the nearest Home Depot at 5am to skateboard, and he would bring his dog, Jumpy, with him. Noticing that she would chase him while he skateboarded, he gave it a shot to see if she wanted to try it.

Watch her have some fun at their local skate park in the video above!

2. Adventurer Goes Kiteboarding With Best Friend

Road trips can be quite fun and relaxing. But there’s nothing like going from place to place with the company of your loyal pup.

In the clip above, an adventurer goes on a west coast trip from the Redwood forest of San Francisco to the sandy beaches of Hood River, Oregon.

At the beach, the man starts off sand boarding with his loyal pooch chasing him as fast as he can. Later, he and his pup try kite boarding — a sport combining a power kite to harness the wind with balancing on a surfboard.

This beautiful Golden Retriever definitely enjoys his time in the water with his best pal!

3. Border Collie Who Displays Amazing Parkour Agility

You’ve probably seen a few videos online where a man or woman moves rapidly through an urban environment, running and jumping through obstacles in their path. If you haven’t, it’s a specific activity called parkour, or free running.

Typically, you would imagine only the most agile and fit of humans are able to do this type of extreme sport. But there are dogs who are just as agile, if not more.

Enter Neo, a Border Collie who likes to do parkour with his dad. In the three-minute video above, we watch as Neo navigates through the woods and countryside. He leaps and climbs high trees with ease and jumps over long distances like it’s nothing.

It’s an amazing display of the agility and athleticism that dogs possess.

4. Dachshund Who Loves To Ski

Canada is known to have some of the most amazing ski resorts in the world. It’s a country where people from all over the planet come to visit not only for the culture, but for the skiing. But as much as humans enjoy the slopes, there are some dogs who enjoy it just as much.

Take Crusoe for example. This cute little Dachshund loves to go down the slopes with his human. Throughout the four-minute video above, we witness Crusoe, dressed in his own outfit, sitting on a specialized board while his dad safely and carefully guides him from behind.

It’s a gorgeous scene of a dog enjoying the slopes!

5. Abbie Holds World Record For Surfing Longest Wave By A Dog

California is a place people flock to when they want to catch some waves and enjoy that great beach weather year-round. And if you’ve been to the California west coast, you might have noticed a surfer or two trying to ride the waves. But if you look closely, you might even find a dog trying their paws at surfing.

Meet Abbie Girl! This Austraian Kelpie was rescued by Michael Uy, who is a regular surfer from California. But not only is he a seasoned vet when it comes to surfing, his dog Abbie is, too, as she holds the Guinness World Record for surfing the longest wave by a dog, which was almost 400 feet!

Watch the clip above and listen to the amazing story of Abbie Girl and her dad, Michael!

6. Whisper Flies Through The Air

Dean Potter is an experienced adventurer and documentary filmmaker who loves traveling as much as extreme sports. One of those sports is base jumping. It’s a sport where you parachute or use a wingsuit and jump from a fixed structure into the air.

In the trailer above for Dean’s documentary, When Dogs Fly, we catch the culmination of more than a year’s preparation for this base-jumping event.

At the peak of one of Yosemite’s many cliffs, Dean and his pup, an Australian Cattle Dog, Whisper, are about to attempt something never done before — a man and his dog base jumping with a wingsuit together.

It took Dean a year to create specialized pack that Whisper can snuggle into during the jump. But all the work is worth is as they take a breathtaking glide through the Yosemite sky.

It’s a beautiful story of man taking a leap of adventure with his best bud!

7. Fearless Rescue Dog Who Loves Adventure

Another adventure that involves base jumping, the story of how this dog met his human is just as interesting.

An avid adventurer and nomad who drives through the country, this man found his best friend, Paco, when he was driving through the desert. At first, the man wasn’t sure if he was going to keep Paco, as he was always on the go. But this pup soon proved himself to be the perfect friend as he easily kept up with his dad.

In fact, he’s so up for thrill and adventure, he goes base jumping with his dad in the desert!

It’s a great story of how man meets pup and ends with both base jumping together from a cliff and into our hearts.

Do you think your dog would do any extreme sports? Which ones do you think they’d be good at? Let us know in the comments below!