Green Paws shampoos

Green Paws shampoos (5 biscuits)

Our take: Green Paws offers two dog shampoos that are certified organic and free of artificial fragrances, colors, and preservatives–you’ll recognize, and be able to pronounce, all the ingredients on the label. The bottles are recyclable as well.

Green Paws says their super-mild Unscented Sensitive Skin Shampoo is ideal for young puppies or dogs with skin allergies. They’ve also got a Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Itch Relief Shampoo for dogs with eczema, skin allergies, or dryness. It’s got a natural scent from the tea tree oil and rosemary extract. Although my dog doesn’t have sensitive or itchy skin, I tried both shampoos on her, one on each end during the same bath for a good comparison. I liked the way both of these products made her coat feel, and they rinsed out well.

The dogs weigh in: My dog Ginger liked the smell a lot better than I did, and her soft, clean coat meant she got lots of petting at her play date that night.

Price: High

–Phyllis DeGioia

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