Florida Dog Escapes From An Alligator’s Jaws And Is Lucky To Survive


(Picture Credit: GoFundMe – Save Sable the Gator Survivor)

You wouldn’t guess by looking at Sable, a black Labrador and Dachshund mix, that she’s much of a fighter. Yet somehow she managed to fend off an alligator attack and, after being bitten, survived. The trouble started when the Florida dog and her owner went for a walk in West Delray Regional Park. Sable ran off from her owner for only a few moments when disaster struck.


(Picture Credit: WPTV NBC 5)

An alligator lurking in a nearby pond attacked the pup, and Sable’s owner found her bleeding on the grass. She had a serious bite wound on her belly, and she was rushed to Clint Moore Animal Hospital right away. At the hospital, Sable spent two and a half hours in emergency surgery. The most amazing part is that she actually pulled through, though she has a gator tooth stuck in her that can’t be removed and will stay inside of her forever. Vets were shocked because most dogs don’t survive such serious alligator bites. Sable’s vet bill was thousands of dollars, and her owner set up a GoFundMe page to cover the cost.

From the bite, vets estimate the gator was about six feet long, and it’s a miracle that Sable made it without severe organ damage or infection. Dogs that get bitten are rarely so lucky. Veterinarians remind Florida residents to keep their dogs safe and on-leash by their sides. Dr. Brian Butzer of the Clint Moore Animal Hospital adds, “I just wouldn’t let them really close to the edge of the water because that’s where those animals hide, and they’re going to wait for a dog to come along and they’re going to grab them.”

What would you do if your dog got attacked by an alligator? Do you take precautions against wild animal attacks on your walks? Let us know in the comments below!

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