Woman Fights Alligator To Save Her Dog [VIDEO]

As a dog lover, you know how important it is to keep your furry pal safe. But a woman in Florida went above and beyond to rescue her pup.

Lori Beiswenger was planting some trees on a golf course that she owns with her husband when she heard her dog, Hope, yelping and crying. A seven-foot alligator attacked the dog and was dragging it into a pond. Without thinking, Lori leaped into action, ran into the water, and grabbed the gator’s tail. When the angry reptile turned on her, she hurried back to shore.

A golf course volunteer, Jodie Daniels, heard Lori calling for help. He grabbed a shovel and hit the gator on the head. The gator escaped, and Hope was saved.

Hope had to get stitches for a severed artery. Lori said about grabbing the alligator, “It was the dumbest, bravest thing I’ve ever done.” Thanks to her bravery and the help of a bystander, Hope is just fine and recovering well.

As for the gator, he was captured, killed by animal control, and sold to a local restaurant for meat. That should make sure any gators think twice about messing with Hope.

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