Retired K-9 Police Dog Fights Off Alligator That Bit Him

Arek the Belgian Malinois walks near the pond where he was bitten.

(Picture Credit: Miami Herald)

Unlike some other dogs, Arek doesn’t like the water. So when he disappeared with his toy behind a bush near the water in his backyard, his owner, Chris Leister, knew something was up. It was then that Leister heard a yelp, and Arek limped out from behind the bushes with a deep wound to his leg. 

Arek stands next to his owner with his paw wrapped up.

(Picture Credit: Miami Herald)

The pup had been bitten by an alligator. Leister rushed to get his truck keys so he could take the seven-year-old Belgian Malinois to the veterinary hospital. On his way back, he looked over by the bushes and saw an alligator that he estimated to be about seven or eight feet long. 

Arek stands next to his owner.

(Picture Credit: Miami Herald)

Arek got patched up at the vet, and his leg got a thorough washing, since alligator mouths are full of dangerous bacteria. The vet said Arek was lucky to get away, considering the size of the alligator. But Leister knows that Arek must have put up a good fight. Arek is a retired K-9 police dog, and Leister pointed out that they’re trianed to fight through anything. It seems likely that after a few bites from Arek, the gator sulked off to find an easier meal.

Do you think Arek scared the alligator off? What would you do if your pup was attacked by an alligator? Let us know in the comments below!

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