10 Best Dog Mamas For Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, including dog mamas! Mother’s Day this year is May 8th and serves as a time to celebrate all types of moms. Whether it’s a human or a doggy mom, all moms deserve to be honored on this special day. Mama dogs have an important role in making sure their puppies get all the love they need and learn the skills necessary in order to grow up into proper dogs. Here are ten videos of mama dogs and their puppies that show how truly special the relationship and bond is between puppies and their moms.

1. Puppy Pile With Mom

This Golden Retriever mom has definitely got her paws full. She and her nine puppies are playing in the snow, but it seems the puppies are more interested in their mama than the actual snow itself. They all keep ganging up on their mom, playfully attacking her as they expect her to play with them. The result is a puppy pile up, of course. But really, would you mind being attacked by nine Golden Retriever puppies?

2. Mom Watches Over Puppies

This mom is keeping a watchful eye over her puppies. It’s their first time playing outside, so their mom wants to be extra careful. As the puppies wrestle with each other, mom is there to make sure everything runs smoothly, as moms do. She has to make sure her puppies behave themselves. It’s just another day in the life of a mom.

3. Puppy Uses Mom’s Ear As Blanket

This puppy is cold, so obviously the solution to her problem is to use her mom’s ear as a blanket. This puppy is going to grow up to be one smart pup because she has already figured out a creative way to get warm. It’s adorable how the mother doesn’t move and lets her puppy warm up. Moms will do anything to make sure their puppies are happy and comfortable, and in this case this mom really means it.

4. Puppy Learns To Go Downstairs

Like many puppies, this little guy is afraid to go down the stairs. It can be a frightening experience for little puppies, but thankfully his mom is nearby ready to help. It’s a big step in his life – literally – but it’s an important skill all dogs need to learn. Watch as this mom shows her puppy how it’s done. She even sits at the bottom of the steps, eventually coaxing her puppy down the stairs.

5. Puppy Learns To Swim

There comes a time in every puppy’s life where they learn to swim. This puppy sees his mom swimming and is eager to get in on the fun. At first the puppy is unsure of what to do, but after watching his mother for just a short time he gets the idea. He ends up jumping into the pool after his mom and picks it up naturally. It’s adorable how he follows his mom around in the pool, even grabbing on to her tail for safety.

6. Husky Puppy Cuddles With Mom

This Siberian Husky puppy has the cutest yawn you will ever see, and she is only six days old. You are definitely going to want to replay this video again just for the yawn alone. It’s nap time so this puppy has cuddled up with mom. She may not have opened her eyes yet, but she already knows how to cuddle perfectly. The mom looks so peaceful lying with her newborn.

7. Mom Teaches Puppies To Play

An important part of any dog’s growing up is learning how to play. That’s why mom is there to make sure her pups learn the skills they need in order to know how to play correctly and safely. Play time is essential to growth in dogs and a natural trait, and mom is there to teach them. It’s adorable how the mom will play and then her puppies imitate her. Practice makes perfect!

8. Mom Breaks Up Fight

Puppies can’t get along all the time; the’re bound that they have the occasional fight. But that’s why mom is there. These Beagle puppies start play fighting, but when things start to get a bit rough, you can hear mom immediately bark, and then she runs over. She steps in between them, literally breaking them apart and then kisses them. She doesn’t want her babies fighting. What mom would?

9. Puppy Play Bites Mom

Firstly, let’s get out of the way how adorable this fluffy German Shepard puppy is. How can a creature be that cute? This puppy keeps bothering his mom while she is trying to rest, and most moms know this feeling. She keeps biting her mom’s ear, and eventually her mom can’t take it anymore and gives in to playtime. But then the puppy discovers mom’s tail!

10. Mom Nurses Eleven Puppies

This video looks like it could be straight out of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. It’s amazing what a mother dog’s body is capable of. This Dalmatian mom is able to nurse all eleven of her puppies at once. The two-and-a-half-week-old puppies have only just started to get their spots and are now starting to get hungrier. Dog moms are some of the most remarkable moms out there for being able to feed eleven mouths at once!

Do you have any sweet mama dog stories? Let us know and leave a comment below!

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