Man Uses CPR Training To Save His Dog Who Almost Drowned

Dog Swim Rescue

(Picture Credit: choicegraphx/Getty Images)

A man in the United Kingdom put his CPR training to good use and save his dog who almost drowned on their vacation. The story reminds us how important it is for all pet parents to have basic first aid training for emergencies. It could save your dog’s life!

Norman Milne was on vacation in Banff with his family when the incident with his dog, Goldie, happened. While they were out enjoying the day, their Golden Labrador suddenly fell into the water. Despite being a good swimmer, Goldie started to struggle against the current.

Norman’s nephew, Liam Holder, was able to finally pull Goldie out of the water after a few attempts, and they quickly took her back to the caravan they were staying in. However, their troubles were not over.

A Vacation Turns Into A Nightmare

As Norman was wrapping Goldie in towels and duvets to warm her up, he noticed that she stopped breathing altogether.

Being a St. Andrews first aid volunteer, Norman quickly recalled all of his training. Laying his dog on her right side, he closed Goldie’s mouth with one hand and used his other to create a “funnel” towards her nose. Norman blew into her nose five times before starting chest compressions.

After continuous attempts at CPR, Norman began to notice a response from Goldie. He continued the procedure three more times before Goldie finally awoke and was fully responsive.

Norman stated the incident showed “how important it is to be first aid trained.”

The Importance of First Aid Training For Your Dog

“Knowing exactly what you should do in case of an emergency, which can happen at any time, can really be the difference between life and death,” Norman said.

“We are all so grateful that Goldie is back home and recovering from her ordeal, it was certainly an unexpected turn for our family trip away,” he added.

Because of this experience, Norman decided to share Goldie’s story. He hopes it will encourage others to seek first aid training for any type of emergency.

Stuart Callison, a chief executive of St. Andrew’s First Aid, stated, “We are all extremely touched by Norman and Goldie’s story, and glad that Norman’s skills as an expert first aid volunteer enabled him to save the life of his beloved pet.”

If you are interested in seeking first aid training, specifically for your beloved dog, you can check with your pet’s veterinarian and even local shelters, as they will have plenty of information to help you get started.

Does Goldie’s story inspire you to learn first aid for your dog? Are you prepared for an emergency like the one she went through? Let us know in the comments below!