World Kindness Day: 6 Acts Of Kindness You Can Do For Dogs

World Kindness Day, which falls on November 13th, acts as a reminder of how important it is to be more like our dogs–warmhearted and gentle to others. Dogs are always there for us when we need them, so consider using World Kindness Day as an excuse to show your pup a little extra love.

by Maggie Clancy
November 5th

The Problem With Breeding Brachycephalic (Short-Faced) Dogs

Brachycephalic dogs are adorable. That’s hard to deny. So why should it be a problem when breeders continue to produce these dogs to meet demand? Well, those cute, smushed faces come at a price, and not just in terms of how much money it costs to buy a dog from a breeder.

by Mike Clark
August 16th

Dog With 6 Legs Finds Love And Forever Home With Bullied Teen

Bullying can be a rough and damaging experience, especially when you’re a kid. That’s how Luke, aged 15, felt until he met someone that could not only empathize, but would end up being his best friend. Here’s how Luke found and formed a bond with Roo, a six-legged dog who was different, just like him.

by Jean Andrei
August 13th

5 Of The Most Spoiled Dogs In The World

Our dogs give us their attention, endless amounts of love, and unfailing loyalty. So of course they deserve all the excess affection we give to them. But there are some pups who get pampered just as well as the rich and famous. Here the five of the most spoiled dogs living larger than most of us do.

by Jean Andrei
June 20th

20 Photos Of Celebrity Dog Dads For Father’s Day [PICTURES]

Father’s Day is June 16th this year, and we want to say happy Father’s Day to all the dog dads out there. Every dog dad deserves to be treated like a celebrity for a day. Do something special for the doggy daddy in your life and celebrate with these 20 celebrity dog dads for Father’s Day!

by DogTime
June 14th
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