500 animals affected by the BP oil spill will get 2nd chance (thanks to you!)

It’s official! DogTime is a finalist in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. Thanks to our Save a Dog/Save a Cat users and to DogTime readers, 500 dogs and cats in the Gulf region at risk of euthanasia will get new homes.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Challenge: Each month Pepsi accepts submissions from individuals, businesses, and organizations who want to make a difference in the world. (Submissions have included everything from starting a foodbank in impovershed areas to providing new uniforms to the school band.) The ideas are posted on the Pepsi Refresh site, and the general public then votes to bring the top ideas to fruition.

DogTime’s idea was to help find homes for at-risk pets affected by the BP oil spill. Gulf region families continue struggling to make ends meet, and record numbers of pets are still being surrendered to local shelters. Because these facilities are at maximum capacity, some animals will spend days or weeks in a lonely kennel – after already enduring the trauma of losing their families – only to face euthanasia. For 500 of those at-risk pets, we wanted to ensure a happier fate.

Thanks to our stellar team here at DogTime, our faithful readers, and our committed Save a Dog and Save a Cat users, our idea garnered enough votes to receiving funding. Thank you for voting, and thank you for making a second chance possible for animals who truly deserve it. Stay tuned for progress reports in the coming months…