“No public adoptions”

Your kids have been begging you for a puppy for months. You finally relent. You pile everyone in the car, head to the local animal shelter, and get ready to choose the furry face who is going to turn your world upside down.But when you arrive to a chorus of barking dogs in chain-link kennels […]

by Nina Stively
July 26th, 2013

Governor Brown to weaken California animal protection laws

California Governor Jerry Brown is proposing to permanently repeal key provisions of SB 1785, a law that protects abandoned and stray animals in shelters from euthanasia. If Gov. Brown has his way, he would repeal the following provisions under the law: animal shelters hold cats and dogs for four to six days before they can […]

by DogTime
January 30th, 2012

No Kill, euthanasia, and fates worse than death

Fates worse than death: not a pleasant topic, least of all on a sunny Friday morning. But the comments posted in response to that portion of this week’s No Kill installment were some of the most thought-provoking the series has elicited.A few of the posts that gave me pause, baffled me, surprised me, and most […]

by DogTime
June 3rd, 2011

Update: Missouri’s Prop B rewritten in favor of breeders

Confession: I’m confused by the revisions to Prop B that came out of yesterday’s congressional assembly in Missouri. On Wednesday, the House voted 85 to 71 to alter the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, which Missouri citizens passed last November. The revised bill now heads to Governor Jay Nixon’s desk.A couple of the revisions […]

by DogTime
April 14th, 2011

500 animals affected by the BP oil spill will get 2nd chance (thanks to you!)

It’s official! DogTime is a finalist in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. Thanks to our Save a Dog/Save a Cat users and to DogTime readers, 500 dogs and cats in the Gulf region at risk of euthanasia will get new homes.For those who aren’t familiar with the Challenge: Each month Pepsi accepts submissions from individuals, […]

by DogTime
January 3rd, 2011

CNN ponders the rainbow bridge, asking: Do pets go to heaven?

On CNN’s homepage Monday, along with the headlines about Obama’s tax deal and the future of WikiLeaks, was the link to this article: Where does Fido go when he dies? I clicked, curious for the findings from respected CNN journalists. (If CNN reports it, it’s got to be true, right?)I got no firm answers, however. […]

by DogTime
December 15th, 2010

Failed euthanasia leads to second chance for Detroit Rottie

I don’t find comfort at gravesites. I feel more connected with the deceased looking at a photo, as opposed to visiting a headstone. So when it’s time to say goodbye to my dogs for the last time, I’m not sure I’ll bring their bodies home for burial.Which is why I found Mia’s story all […]

by DogTime
October 14th, 2010
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