Does The Dog Die? Check This Website Before Watching That Movie

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Does the dog die in this movie?

We all want to know, does the dog die in this movie? It happens to the best of us. You’re in the theater, or at home, watching a movie and suddenly the worst happens. A dog dies. Whether on screen or off, it’s always hard to experience, but sometimes it’s just so gruesome you wish you’d rather not sat down to watch the film at all. Now you’re stuck trying to hold it together or bawling uncontrollably, possibly in a public space, while everyone else goes on mostly unaffected by the happenings on screen.

Here’s where a wonderful website comes in, called In truth, it’s been around for years now and has grown into a really good website for checking to see if there are any triggers for just about every form of media these days. Need to check and see does the dog die in that new book you’re reading? You’ll find it there. Need to see if there are any needles in that new video game you just bought? Yep! Here too! There’s even a sister site for sexual violence trigger notices called Unconsenting Media.

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While there’s no phone app to speak of (so you can check while in the theater to prepare yourself) the mobile site is fairly straightforward and easy to use in the event of an emergency. You can also sign in and leave comments to help your fellow animal lovers out if you think certain items need specification.

Now, for some people, a site like this might feel a little over the top in its existence. But for anyone who has ever faced any trauma in their lives, a site like this is a godsend. If you or someone you know could by any means benefit from it, please share it around.

Because no one likes to see dogs die. Or cats. Or horses. Let’s make sure everyone can be comfortable watching movies, reading books, and playing games together!

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