Knitting For Dogs? Here’s Some Ideas!

knit for dogs getty images

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Whether you’re a crafting veteran or a brand new upstart, there’s few things more fun than turning your handmade creations into gifts. The best part about being able to knit/crochet is that those gifts almost always have practical uses. If you’re looking for practice, have some extra yarn lying around, or generally enjoy gifting your pup some cozy items, here’s a list of ideas to knit or crochet for your cool canine.


Blankets are always a great gift. If you think about it, everyone uses them. As long as your pooch isn’t the type to destroy them, something nice and warm for the doggy bed, the kennel, or just to lie around in would probably make for a happy camper.


knit for dogs getty images

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Yes, this seems rather silly, but if your dog is a short hair with the tendency to get cold during the winter, a sweater is a great idea.

The most difficult part of this might be taking measurements if you have a non-participating dog, but the reward will be well worth it.


I wasn’t convinced of this at first, but after google searching images and seeing Boston Terriers in knit caps with knit baubles on top, I can’t exclude this. I’ve seen hats and wraps used on dogs who have ear infections or had to have their ears surgically removed for various reasons as well, helping to prevent infection. This will also probably use up less yarn if you’re working with scraps.


This kind of goes without say, but if you have a dog that likes to tear up their toys, this would be the option to avoid. It’s hard to watch your pup chew and tear up your hard work in a matter of minutes. That being said, if your dog loves her plushies and treats them like her own babies, this might be a nice gift to make for your dog or any other dogs in your family. They make great holiday gifts as well. The toy will be covered in your scent as well, consider it an extra bonus!