Twitter Goes Crazy For 9-Year-Old On A Mission To Pet All The Dogs

A 9-year-old boy named Gideon is taking Twitter by storm. His goals are pretty simple. He just wants to pet as many dogs as he can and share them with the world, and his fans couldn’t be happier to see all the cuteness. If that’s not the sweetest, most wholesome thing you’ve read today, well you must stick to some pretty wholesome corners of the internet.

To date, Gideon has pet and posted over 350 pooches on his @IvePetThatDog twitter account. He always includes a short description with a few facts about his new furry friends. Hopefully his own dog, Walter, who was found running across a highway, isn’t too jealous when his boy comes home smelling like other pups.

Of course, Gideon is always polite and asks for permission to pet, then lets the dogs get a nice sniff before he touches them. His Twitter account has over 90k followers, and that number is growing fast. Recently, Gideon got to stop by Drake University in Iowa and pet their mascot, Griff the Bulldog. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing all the doggos and puppers that Gideon gets to pet next!

Do you follow Gideon on Twitter? Do you find his posts as heartwarming as we do? Let us know in the comments below!

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