Follow This: 10 Best Doggie Twitter Accounts

The best dog accounts on Twitter have a great mix of interesting and humorous tweets as well as plenty of pictures and videos of puppies and dogs. Whether you’re new to Twitter, or you just haven’t discovered this niche, there are plenty of pawesome puppy-loving accounts to explore.

To help you sift through the thousands of dog accounts, I have compiled a list of the my top ten favorite dog Twitter accounts.


This account is a great mix of feel-good stories and adorable pictures. The Guide Dogs account features a wide variety of content. There are announcements for volunteer dates for shelters and events, feel-good stories of successful pairings between these dogs and people who need them and of course adorable puppies.

9. @BestofDogs

If you ever wanted to see some of the most beautiful and cute puppies to ever exist, this account is a perfect place for you. There are plenty of days when you feel a little down, but going to this cute dog account will turn any bad hour into a positive one.

8. @dogsontrains

When you clicked on the link to this article, you probably never guessed to see an entire Twitter account devoted to dogs on trains. While initial skepticism is expected, giving this account a chance is a must. It is very interactive with its followers, and it shares some great pictures and stories. Also, seeing dogs on trains is oddly adorable.


One of my personal favorite dog trainers has his own twitter accounts, and it is one of the most informative dog twitter accounts out there. He tweets links to articles on topics that could be very useful for first time dog owners and experienced dog owners alike. His content is reliable and answer questions that many people don’t have great answers to.

6. @dogtextings

This account is incredibly original. It is a series of fake texts from a dog to its owner. The hilarious exchanges are a refreshingly different way to make a bad day better, or a good day into a great day. It is also a great change of pace from what you typically see on Twitter.

5. @CuteOverloads

While this account isn’t only for cute dogs, it features a plethora of them to go along with all the other adorable animals that they display. There are pandas, kittens, goats, dogs, and much more. There is enough content to get lost on their page for hours.

4. @CuteAnimalsBaby

This is very similar to the handle featured in number five, but it is exclusively baby animals. The baby huskies and puppies that fill the page are guaranteed to make your heart melt. The best feature of this account is their quantity of adorable pictures. They have 44,000+ tweets for constant happiness to enjoy.

3. @dogs

At number three comes the original. This account claimed the most simple twitter handle a dog love could ask for. If the simple handle doesn’t convince you to follow, maybe taking a look at their fantastic tweets will. They offer pictures, quotes, facts and more. It has earned its number three spot on the rankings list.


This amazing account shows off stories of war veterans who are teamed up with dogs who are in danger of being put down in shelters. They tweet adorable pictures of these duos as well as links to training tips and the stories of the pairings. Dog Twitter is great for cheering you up in many different ways, and this is just another great example of how it can.

1. @CuteEmergency

The number one dog twitter account is the first dog twitter account I ever followed: Cute Emergency. It has 1.88 million followers, making it the largest of the category. They earned these followers, tweeting out the most original and cute pictures of assorted animals. Dogs are featured the most on this page, so you will not have to worry about getting your fill.

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