Dog Named Picasso Rescued From Death Row After Deformity Made Him “Unwanted”


(Picture Credit: Facebook – Luvable Dog Rescue)

Picasso the dog looks like he could be the subject of a painting from the artist that he’s named after. A backyard breeder found that Picasso’s facial deformity meant that he couldn’t sell the pup, so he gave the dog up to a shelter. The shelter immediately declared Picasso “unwanted” and put him on the euthanasia list. It seemed like Picasso, through no fault of his own, was going to be killed because he was born different.

Luckily, Luvable Dog Rescue, a nonprofit group dedicated to pulling dogs from high-kill shelters, stepped in just in time and saved Picasso and his more normal-looking brother, Pablo. Since his photos were posted on social media, Picasso and his brother have gotten thousands of likes and hundreds of interested adopters.

Despite how it looks, Picasso’s deformity is mostly cosmetic. His jaw is actually in pretty good shape, and he can eat and drink normally, though he makes a bit of a mess. Picasso is bonded with his brother, Pablo, and the two will be adopted together once Picasso has a bothersome tooth removed. For a dog that was going to be killed for being unwanted, he sure is getting a lot of love and attention now.

Would you adopt a dog like Picasso? Do you think it’s fair for dogs to be killed after being labeled “unwanted”? Let us know in the comments below!

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