Blind Hero Dog Visits Schools To Teach Kids About Acceptance

Noah has never had things easy. Thanks to an irresponsible backyard breeder, inbreeding left him without eyes and with deformed legs. The BichonPoodle mix spent the first few months of his life malnourished and poorly cared for with his littermates. But Noah and his siblings were rescued from the shady breeder, and since finding his forever home, Noah has become a hero to kids who are different, just like him.

Noah may look strange at first with his wheel chair that keeps his back legs suspended and his Muffin’s Halo above his head, which helps stop him from bumping into things. But beneath all that, he’s just like any other dog who wants to be loved. And he shares that love when he visits schools to teach kids about accepting those with differences. He helps kids understand that bullying hurts, and that we all deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

As the kids pet Noah and get to know him, they can’t help but be touched by his story. His owner says she’s seen students from all different cliques moved to tears, from Goths to bullies, themselves. He’s beloved by everyone he meets. In fact, Mineral Point Elementary School in Wisconsin named Noah their Honorary Favorite Rock Star in their yearbook. They even held a bake sale and fundraiser to raise money to help other dogs like Noah get the care they need.

Noah has since moved to helping the elderly, as well. He’s visited lonely people who can’t leave their houses and nursing homes, encouraging those who haven’t spoken in a long time to open up and smile. Maybe they see something of themselves in this little dog who stays so full of joy despite the challenges life has thrown at him. Noah’s positivity is certainly infectious to those around him.

This little pup has big dreams of bringing his message of positivity across the country and the world. In addition to sharing his pictures and stories on the internet, Noah is campaigning for the American Humane Association’s 2016 Hero Dog Awards in the category of Emerging Hero. You can see his voting page here. He certainly deserves to be honored with the rest of the dogs who do so much to make America a better place. And at a time where bullies seem to be everywhere, it’s important to spread this pup’s message of acceptance for those who are born different.

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