Backyard Breeder Makes Deformed Dogs On Purpose

Dog breeding is controversial. There are certainly responsible breeders out there, but there are also those who produce dogs just to make a buck without regard for the health issues that their pups can face. That was the case with one Oklahoma backyard breeder who intentionally produced dogs with physical deformities. 

A rescuer saw the post online advertising five two-legged dogs for $75 each. She assumed they were bred that way by accident and wanted to help them find homes. But when she contacted the breeder, she found out that the dogs were from three separate litters and born to parents that were prone to producing pups with the genetic abnormalities. That means that the breeder knew there was a high chance the puppies would be deformed and continued to breed the dogs anyway.

This wasn’t the first offense either, as other rescues had been dealing with this breeder for years and taking dogs in the same condition. When the rescuer went to pick up the dogs, she found out that the breeder voluntarily shut down her operation, but the dogs still needed homes. The Bella Foundation and Safe Haven Animal Rescue are working to find homes for the pups and trying to get them dog wheelchairs. You can donate to help them raise money for the chairs if you’re interested in helping them, and share this story to get the word out!

Would you adopt one of these pups? Do you think the breeder should face consequences? Let us know in the comments below!