Over 100 Pet Store Puppies Rescued From Truck Accident ‘Returned To Owner’


(Picture Credit: Facebook – Finger Lakes SPCA, Inc.)

The woman driving a truck transporting just over 100 puppies to pet stores was speeding on Interstate 86 in New York when the vehicle fell off the highway shoulder and overturned in a ditch. Luckily, all of the puppies survived the crash. A handful had minor injuries, one suffered a fractured jaw, and another had a fractured leg.

State troopers pulled the pups one by one from the wreckage with the help of a local towing company. They were handed over to a veterinary technician to be inspected for injuries. The injured puppies were transported to Bath Veterinary Hospital for medical care. In total, 86 puppies were sent to Finger Lakes SPCA (FLSPCA) while the rest went to the veterinary hospital.

There were no indications that the pups had been abused or mistreated, but FLSPCA says it is very likely that these dogs came from a puppy mill. While their mission is to protect animals from cruelty, they are sad to say that they know of no laws that would allow them to confiscate the dogs just because they are likely mill dogs.

At the time of writing this article, all but four of the puppies have been returned to the transport company who paid board and veterinary expenses for the dogs. The two dogs with serious injuries are being kept at Bath Veterinary Hospital and two others that needed further medical attention are staying at FLSPCA. A formal release of ownership will be pursued for those puppies, and FLSPCA will post updates when they are available for adoption.

Even though we can all be joyful that the puppies survived the accident, it’s still hard to accept that a puppy mill is likely going to be kept in business, and pet stores are going to profit off of the sale of these dogs. Puppy mills are horrible places full of abuse and neglect that crank out puppies for sale. While FLSPCA workers are saddened that they were unable to confiscate the dogs this time, they have provided some links to help educate people about puppy mills and provide ways to fight them. You can find out more about puppy mills here and how to stop them here and here.

Are you glad the puppies weren’t hurt? Are you upset that the FLSPCA wasn’t able to take the dogs out of the puppy stores? Let us know in the comments below!

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