ASPCA Rescues More Than 50 Dogs From Horrific Puppy Mill

A puppy looks out from a wire cage while other puppies clamor around him.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – ASPCA)

The ASPCA teamed up with law enforcement to rescue more than 50 dogs from a puppy mill in Mio, Michigan. The breeding facility was unlicensed and being investigated after complaints of abuse. The Oscoda County Sheriff’s Department and Oscoda County Animal Control called the ASPCA to help with the dogs that they seized from the property.

Operators of the facility kept multiple breeds of dogs in wire cages that they stacked in a basement and outdoor pens. Conditions were filthy, and most of the dogs didn’t have access to food or water. Since they were never socialized, many of the dogs were afraid of their human rescuers and cowered in their cages, the only homes they ever knew.

Several puppies crowd together in a small enclosure.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – ASPCA)

Now the dogs are getting medical care, food, and a temporary shelter until the courts decide who will get custody of them. The ASPCA is also working to collect forensic evidence to help build the case against the facility operators.

Stories like this break my heart. I’m so glad that there are people to rescue these dogs and shut puppy mills down, but the fact that dogs are kept in these horrible conditions to begin with is a tragedy. I hope law enforcement continues to shut down abusive facilities. Always adopt. Don’t support puppy mill operations by going to pet stores.

What do you think? Are you grateful to the ASPCA? Furious about puppy mills? Let us know in the comments below.

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