Drunk Driver Crashes Into Dog Rescue Truck And Sends Dogs Running On The Freeway

An animal rescue truck is upside down on the road with several empty animal crates nearby.

(Picture Credit: GoFundMe – Cathey’s K9 Rescue Truck)

Nancy Cathey was on her way home from an adoption event with 15 dogs in the back of her truck. She uses her Cathey’s K9 Rescue truck to pick up pups from shelters in the area and tries to find forever homes for them. But on her way back from her latest trip, a drunk driver hit the rear of her truck on the 5 Freeway, and she lost control. The truck flipped before finally coming to rest upside down with Cathey trapped inside.

A firefighter and a civilian try to round up dogs who are running on the road.

(Picture Credit: ABC 23 – KERO Backersfield)

Cathey had to be cut from the vehicle by firefighters on the scene. As for the dogs, many were still in their cages, but a few managed to get out and ran onto the freeway. Despite the dangerous situation, all of the 15 dogs were caught and accounted for, and with only a few minor scrapes and cuts, they all miraculously escaped without serious injuries. A Facebook post on Cathey’s K9 Rescue page said that Cathey was taken to the hospital, but the truck was a total loss.

But members of the community are working together to raise funds to get the truck back on the road. They appreciate the work Cathey does for shelter dogs. A GoFundMe page has also been started and has already raised several thousand dollars to help the cause. Hopefully Cathey will make a speedy recovery and be able to help dogs again soon. And please never ever drive drunk. You never know who you’re going to hurt when you do.

Are you glad that none of the dogs were hurt? Would you like to see more people as dedicated to helping dogs as Nancy Cathey? Let us know in the comments below!

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