DNA Test Proves Dog’s Innocence And Gets Him Off Death Row

Jeb is a Belgian Malinois in training to be an emotional support dog for a disabled veteran, Kenneth Job. He also helps Job get up after he falls due to a condition that causes his muscles to deteriorate. But for the past few months, Jeb hasn’t been able to help his owner. He was locked up at animal control because a neighbor accused the dog of killing his Pomeranian, Vlad.

Vlad’s owner claims to have seen Jeb standing over the body of his dog, but Jeb’s owner says that Jeb would never do such a thing, and he claims the neighbor has always been afraid of larger dogs. Animal Control came to Job’s house to take the dog, and Job surrendered him even though they didn’t have a court order. They were going to put Jeb down, but his family decided to bring the case to court.

Even though injuries to Vlad were consistent with being attacked by a larger animal, testing on the body of the Pomeranian found that Jeb’s DNA was not present, clearing him of the killing. Jeb was finally able to come back home to his very relieved and exhausted family. Now he’ll be able to go on helping and taking care of his veteran owner.

Are you glad to see Jeb at home again? What would you do if your dog was accused of hurting a neighbor’s pet? Let us know in the comments below.