emotional support dog

Therapy Dogs Ease Students’ Exam Stress In Chicago School

In Chicago’s Lane Tech College Prep, students got a break from all the final exam stress and anxiety thanks to some therapy dog snuggling time. Certified therapy dogs and volunteers made rounds in the school to provide relief to anxious students.

by Gel Galang
February 8th

Canine Comfort: How Your Dog Reads Your Emotions

Does your dog read your emotions and react when you are sad? Do dogs react to certain human emotions? What emotions do dogs feel themselves? Let's explore dogs and emotions.

by Erin Faith Wilson
May 8th, 2018

Dog Therapy In The Aftermath Of Natural Disaster

If you need help in your emotional recovery journey, consider your four-legged BFF as a helpmate. Remember, in these crazy times, your dog could be good medicine.

by Wily Wags
November 13th, 2017
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