Lost Survivor Dog Lives For Five Months In The Woods Not Far From Home

Katee the black Labrador Retriever went missing at the end of the cold month of February from her home in New Jersey. Her family feared the worst as they posted missing dog flyers and searched everywhere they could. But Katee was off on her own adventure in a nearby forest, and she stayed there for the next five months.

The survivor pup found a stream in the woods and started following a herd of deer. She ate food that people left out for her. A couple living in a neighboring adult community started feeding her not knowing that she was lost and belonged to someone. Katee mostly stayed away from strangers and didn’t want to be caught, but finally one person told the couple who were feeding Katee that she matched the description on one of the missing dog flyers.

From there, the couple called Katee’s owners, and Lost Dog Search & Rescue Group arrived on the scene with a trap to catch Katee. Within two hours, the pup was on her way to the local vet to get ticks removed and have an ear infection treated. But overall, she was in pretty good health. Katee was happy to see her owners after months of living in the wilderness. Luckily, this story has a happy ending, but make sure your dog is in a secure area when going outside, and keep your tags and microchip updated just in case.

Could you survive for five months out in the woods on your own? Do you find Katee’s story of survival inspiring? Let us know in the comments below!

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