Survivor Dog Lost At Sea – Found 5 Weeks Later On An Island


Looking into Luna’s bright blue eyes might remind you of the sea. And indeed the one-year-old German ShepherdSiberian Husky mix has probably spent more time in the sea than she would have liked. The pup was on a fishing trip with her owner, Nick Haworth, when she suddenly disappeared from his boat. Haworth spent two days searching for his lost dog and told authorities that she was a strong swimmer who would head toward land. Unfortunately, she was lost in the Pacific Ocean, and the nearest shore was San Clemente Island, two miles away from where she was last seen. 

Haworth and staff of the U.S. naval facility located on the island searched for the dog, but after a week she was presumed dead. The fisherman was forced to accept that he would probably never see his pup again. He went home without her and tried to move on. But five weeks later, something amazing happened. 

Luna appeared near the naval facility, sitting on the side of the road. She was wagging her tail and in fairly good health. There are no domesticated animals on the island, so the officers were pretty surprised to see a dog. But Luna wasn’t surprised. As soon as they opened the car door and whistled, she jumped in with them. She was a bit undernourished and probably survived by eating mice for a few weeks. Haworth’s friend stopped by the base and picked the pup up to bring her home. Seems like Luna would do well on a reality show like Survivor!

Are you glad Luna made her way home? Would you be able to survive for five weeks on an island by yourself? Let us know in the comments below!