Real Life Pet Detective Reunites Family With Lost Dog After 4 Years

Close up of Jax

(Picture Credit: NBC 4 Southern California)

When Stephanie Swire and her family went on vacation four years ago, they had to leave their six-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever, Jax, at home with a pet sitter. While they were away, Swire got a call from the pet sitter that made her heart sink. Jax escaped and was nowhere to be found. 

Jax is back with his family

(Picture Credit: NBC 4 Southern California)

Jax was missing for days, then months, then years. Swire’s family mourned Jax, believing they would never see him again. But years later, someone spotted a dog that matched Jax’s description. A photo of the dog was shown to Tracey Morgan-Chopick of Luzerne County Pet Recovery Services, who is being described as an Ace Ventura-like pet detective. She knew right away that it was Jax. The next step was to reunite Jax with his family.

Jax lies on his favorite spot on the couch

(Picture Credit: NBC 4 Southern California)

So Morgan-Chopick set up a trap in the wooded area where Jax was spotted, and soon she captured the pup. After wandering the woods for four years, Jax was sent back to his family a few pounds lighter, but in good shape. When the now ten-year-old pup got home, he went straight to his favorite spot on the couch and lied down just like old times. Hopefully he’ll be getting some tags and a microchip, now. Swire’s family is thrilled to have their furry family member back and to introduce him to the new baby that was born while he was away. As for Morgan-Chopick, she’s a pet detective still on a mission to reunited pets with their loved ones.

Are you happy to see Jax back with his family? Would you ask a pet detective for help finding a lost dog? Let us know in the comments below!

A wag of the tail to NBC 4 for sharing the story!

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